Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stranger Than Fiction

"With every awkward strum, Harold Crick became stronger in who he was, what he wanted, and why he was alive. Harold no longer ate alone. He no longer counted brush strokes. He no longer wore neckties, and therefore, no longer worried about the time it took to put them on. He no longer counted steps to the bus stop. Instead, Harold did that which had terrified him before, that which had eluded him Monday through Friday for so many years, that which the unrelenting lyrics of numerous punk-rock songs told him to do: Harold Crick lived his life." -Stranger Than Fiction

1 comment:

  1. we are all trying to live something that we never imagined our self/selves. we are "programmed" by our parents, our teachers, our coaches, our peers....we are constantly assailed by expectations, judgements, hopes, fears, jealousies, etc. etc. etc. and we have no control over this seemingly endless flux of reactions
    that no one of us author ourselves.

    we don't know who we are but we keep constantly trying to blend this bizarre assemblage of projections, misgivings, etc. into a person that we are living in a whole array of pigeon holes - employee, husband/wife/lover, sibling, distant friend, student, etc.
    we are tortured and overwhelmed by the seemingly impossible task of blending this schizophrenically-composed person into ONE ACTUAL person.
    we don't know how to evaluate whether this person is happy because they are constantly trying to please or
    realize one of these myriad of visions - and they ultimately bump into one another, sometimes violently, but inevitably leading to failure, often repeatedly.

    it takes a brave soul to ignore the compelling motivation
    that its ego uses to try and satisfy this crazy-making Greek chorus in our head(s).